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About L’aventurine

L'Aventurine a quality label for more than 30 years

L'Aventurine is a semi-precious gemstone with numerous virtues and is used in jewelry-making.about

L'Aventurine is also André Lapointe's dream.  Great traveller and enthusiast of the arts and culture.  André discovered the Balinese art while travelling. Thirty years later, it is with the same passion that he continues to preserve the character and soul of the Balinese art by offering jewelry collections crafted according to the Balinese tradition.

Since 1985, L'Aventurine has been maintaining the quality and originality of its jewelry. From contemporary creations to traditional Balinese styles, most of our jewels are carefully handcrafted.

Balinese artisans are renowned worldwide for their expertise in the art of granulation and filigree. The mastering of those techniques requires great skill and unusual patience, therefore, this art is almost no longer practiced anywhere else in the world.

We are constantly renewing our collections to include the latest trends. Sterling silver, 18kt gold and semi-precious gemstones of superior quality are used. Stainless steel 316L is also found among our most requested collections.


We hope you will enjoy and treasure these fine pieces of jewelry in equal measure to the care taken in their creation.